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The Feasty Boys'
Grilled Seafood in a Foil Pouch

1 potato, cubed
1/2 red onion sliced
1 Cob of Corn, broken in half
6 to 8 Mussels
6 to 8 Clams
5 to 7 large Shrimp (peeled and deveined)
5to 7 Scallops
1 piece Andouille Sausage (hot)
1 clove fresh garlic (minced)
Dollop Butter
Chesapeake Bay Seasoning (to taste)
1/2 whole lemon
1/2 cup white table wine

Layer a large piece of aluminum foil and cheese cloth on flat surface. Begin with potatoes and layer next 8 ingredients through Andouille sausage. Making sure that sausage is cut in half and in smaller pieces to ensure through cooking. Add more or less of any ingredient to taste and liking. Top with minced garlic, dollop of butter, and Chesapeake Bay seasoning (to taste). Take lemon cut in half and squeeze juice over all ingredients. Place whole lemon rind in with mixture.

Gather cheese cloth and twist to form make shift pouch and tie tightly with a piece of string.

Next fold foil around the cheese cloth leaving a small opening at top. Through opening pour wine into bag. Finally close opening and place pouch on grill lid down for 20-25 minutes. Pull pouch from grill and place on plate. Unfold aluminum foil and cut through cheese cloth below string. Serve with French bread.

One pouch serves one person.


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