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Sizzling Summer Recipes

"Summer time and the coastal living's easy' crabs are running and the berries are fine."

We’re in Prime Time Coastal and everyone is heading to his or her favorite beaches, ponds, river and lakes. This time of the year means vacation, or our much-treasured “down” time, when we get a chance to lay back in a hammock or lounge chair, to catch up with our reading - and more importantly with our family and friends. I don’t know about you, but for me that always translates into food. We have a great line up of summer treats that are actually a sneak preview from my new cookbook, Coastal Cooking with John Shields.

As you may know I’m a Chesapeake Bay guy and summer just wouldn’t be summer without a luscious pot of Eastern Shore Crab Soup – chock-full of sweet, ruby red tomatoes and lumps of crabmeat. Whether on the back porch or down at the shore, grills rule for warm weather cooking, and our Grilled Swordfish with Key Lime Mustard Sauce is just the ticket for a special meal. For a touch of the South, team your grilled swordfish with a wonderful Gulf Coast Peach Pecan Couscous. Berries and sweet, juicy, fruit are plentiful during the summertime, so treat you guests to a Pacific Northwest favorite, Cannon Beach Berry Cobbler. Life doesn’t get much better – enjoy!


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