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#108 Coastal Tailgate

Guest Chefs:
The Feasty Boys, Jon and Jim Feasty

Baltimore, MD

Grilled Seafood in a Foil Pouch
Tillamook Cheddar Cheese and Lager Soup
Pecan Pie Squares
South of the Border Buffalo Wings
Red Beans and Rice

Kitchen Goddess Speaks:
The Kitchen Goddess offers all of her secrets on planning a perfect parking lot party.

Snack Attack:
Chips and Salsa

Tailgate Kings of ESPN, Jim and Jon Feasty – The Feasty Boys - share their grilling secrets with a yummy, seafood recipe cooked in a tin foil pouch, which is be paired with South of the Border Buffalo Wings, Red Beans and Rice, and Pecan Pie Squares. The Kitchen Goddess shares tips on planning a perfect parking lot party.

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