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#102 Kids-a-Cookin'

Bishops Head, Maryland

Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Karen Noonan Center and the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge

Guest Chefs:
Whitey Schmidt
Erica Baugh
Bryan Niles

Crusty Crustacean Bread
Maryland Panfried Chicken

This environmentally focused program will feature child chefs-in-the-making and recipes for appetites of all ages.

Producer's Notes:
The Karen Noonan Center is a former hunting lodge converted into an overnight educational center for kids of all ages. Not only is it dramatically environmentally-correct (we didn't shoot the "composting toilet"), but it is isolated by a wildlife preserve! The waterside location isn't bad, either. The closest town was an hour's drive away, and some of the roads were less than civilized. On the first day of shooting, Producer Beth Nardone managed to land one of the cars into a ditch en route to the center, giving the crew much reason to chuckle. Beth's fortunes didn't improve when guest chef Whitey jokingly referred to her as "Wipe-Up Girl," a moniker that dogged Beth the rest of the production.

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