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#103 Colonial Cooking

Annapolis, Maryland

The streets and buildings of Annapolis and the Hammond-Harwood House

Guest Chef:
Marjorie Steen

Ham Pate
Beaten Biscuits

Explore the colonial roots of Annapolis while visiting the Hammond-Harwood House. Colonial dishes with a contemporary twist will be presented.

Producer's Notes:
This show is an unexpected delight! Don't be scared off by the historical content--there is actually some humor here. I don't think anyone unfamiliar with ham pate could possibly guess what it actually is, but it tastes delicious. The crew devoured it immediately after the taping. As for the beaten biscuits recipe, you have to see it to believe it. The owners of the warm & charming 55 East B&B, where we taped the recipes, were brave souls to let us demonstrate this recipe on their new granite countertops! Yes, John actually pounds the biscuit dough, as did various onlookers when the cameras weren't rolling.

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