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#105 Fourth of July

Reedville, Virginia

Main Street, the Fishermen's Museum, and The Dudley, a charter boat.

Guest Chef:
Beverley Biddlecomb

Lady Liberty Seafood Salad
Shortcake with Raspberries

In a small waterside town, were parades and fishing trips are a standard part of community life, John celebrates the Fourth of July with a local family.

Producer's Notes:
This was the very first show taped--and it would be more than a year later before the rest of the series would begin taping again. Taped for a pilot episode to test the waters, John and the crew passed with flying colors. Everyone thinks that we "fixed" the contest where Beverley wins by catching the first fish because we had the camera on her when she does. The answer: no, we didn't, just a lucky coincidence. Here's a secret: the recipes were taped in the winter (which is why the shortcake isn't with strawberries), a year after the b-roll was shot! The original recipes had technical glitches, so we had to re-shoot.

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