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#107 Chesapeake Crab Feasts

Baltimore & Dundalk, Maryland

Gunning's Crab House in south Baltimore, the Rabuck residence in Dundalk, and the waters under the Key Bridge.

Guest Chef:
Buck Rabuck
Linda Mick
Cheryl Mullen

Steamed Blue Crabs
Coleslaw and other Crab Sides
How to Pick a Crab

You will experience first-hand a unique passion for eating crabs at two distinctively different crab feasts: one at a backyard party and the other at a crab house. A crab-picking lesson will also be presented.

Producer's Notes:
This was the show John was the most excited about, but it literally rained on his parade! The day we were scheduled to shoot the Rabucks (including Ty crabbing on the boat), the temperatures dropped and the clouds darkened. Due to our tight shooting schedule, we were forced to proceed. John was not prepared for cold weather, so he wore director Natalie's coat! Buck and John steamed the crabs in the rain. My job involved holding an umbrella over Marlene and her camera--while I got soaked. At Gunning's, we invited friends and family to feast on crabs. You can witness John's mom, Mary Jane, making her first ever television appearance.

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