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#109 The Cheasapeake Islands

Tangier Island, Virginia & Smith Island, Maryland

The above islands, including the Smith Island Cultural Center.

Guest Chefs:
Alva Crockett
Frances Kitching

Tangier Island Fifty Clam Chowder
Crab Loaf
Stewed Tomatoes

John travels by boat to two isolated Chesapeake islands to learn about their cultures, meet some residents, and try out local recipes.

Producer's Notes:
Definitely the most complex show to organize and tape! We had to arrange to transport the crew, equipment, and foods by boats and golf carts. The friendly "islanders" were extremely helpful and cooperative. Alva posed a dilemna for us: he wouldn't look up when the cameras were rolling! You see the top of his head during his recipe. Frances was a hoot, keeping everyone on their toes with her caustic wit. Her interview was a delight. The crew enjoyed working on this adventure, as most of them had never been on these islands before.

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