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#110 Little Italy

Baltimore, Maryland

The Little Italy neighborhood, including the Little Italy Lodge.

Guest Chef:
Mealy Sartori

Escarole Soup
Rockfish Braised in "Gravy"
Stewed Fresh Figs in a Warm Marsala Zabaglione

John explores the Little Italy neighborhood, taking part in a community dinner and talking to a 90-year old native.

Producer's Notes:
This show is the one that John and the production crew loves. The title is misleading, as the show is really about people, and not buildings and streets. John has known Mealy since he was ten, and he considers her to be his "Culinary Hero." The recipes with Mealy had the crew rolling on the floor--she said some things we couldn't include in the show. But her interview made us laugh and touched our hearts, and those of us watching the cut version in the editing suite had tears rolling down our cheeks. Our only regret with this show is that we couldn't feature more of the Little Italy Lodge and its warm and wonderful community.

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