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#111 Chesapeake Breakfasts

Solomons Island & Tilghman Island, Maryland

The town of Solomons, including the Back Creek Inn, and the town of Tilghman, including the Tilghman Island Inn.

Guest Chefs:
Lin Cochran
David McCallum

Crab Quiche
Eggs Choptank
Country Ham with Fried Green Tomatoes

The spotlight is on Chesapeake Bay getaways with a visit to two of the finest inns in the region and a sampling of their breakfasts.

Producer's Notes:
The Back Creek Inn was ours during the taping, as we filled up the entire house. And no one was complaining either, as it has beautiful rooms. The first morning we witnessed a beautiful sunrise from the inn's pier; the second morning Marlene & Terry awoke early to capture it, but it was cloudy! In Tilghman, we taped the recipe despite the vocal interruptions of Blanche deBoid, the inn's bird, who had a few things to say--except when we put the cameras on her. Turns out it wouldn't have mattered: the audio for the recipe was bad, and John had to record a voiceover later on to narrate the action. One of our favorite "inside jokes" is on this show: there's a pig cutting board in the background when John is cooking up the ham recipe.

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