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#113 The Inn at Perry Cabin

St. Michaels, Maryland

The town of St. Michaels, the Inn at Perry Cabin, and aboard a skipjack.

Guest Chef:
Chef Mark Salter

Crab Spring Roll
Rockfish with Bouillabaisse Sauce

The Inn at Perry Cabin is consistently rated one of the top luxury inns in the world, and Chef Mark Salter promises the same quality in dining. John enjoys a pampered weekend, ventures into the charming town of St. Michaels, and sails aboard a skipjack.

Producer's Notes:
One word: luxury. Too bad the shoot didn't last longer. The recipes proved to be a test of endurance, as taping didn't begin in the inn's kitchen until the restaurant business was winding down. We stayed up till 2 a.m., and poor John and Mark had trouble remembering what they were cooking! Sailing aboard the skipjack Rebecca was a nice jaunt out in the Bay, but production crew members had to constantly scramble around the deck to stay out of the camera's lens. At one point I was laying flat on the deck out of view, when I was splashed with water and oyster muck from a dredge that was pulled onboard; I had to lay still, wet and sticky, until the cameras stopped rolling.

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